Musculoskeletal Injuries, also know as Soft Tissue Injuries, can be attributed to hazards in the workplace. These hazards include forceful exertions, repetitive movements and awkward and/or sustained postures.  
Soft Tissue Injuries (or STIs) can be serious and disabling for employees. STIs are also the number one type of lost-time injury in NL workplaces, resulting in direct and indirect costs for employers. On average, STIs in NL account for:
• 70% of all claims involving lost time from work
• 74% of all costs related to lost-time claims
• 78% of all weeks lost from work
• $86 million in annual claims costs
The STI Prevention seminar’s main purpose is educating employees on the risks of soft tissue injury and strategies to minimize these risks. A visual and auditory presentation, this seminar usually takes about 1.5 hours and covers types of soft tissue injuries, risk factors, and proper ergonomic supports.