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Office Assessment (In Person or Virtual)

Completed by an experienced occupational therapist certified in Newfoundland and Labrador, an office ergonomic assessment (also known as workstation review) is an assessment of the workstation to ensure a proper fit with the worker. Click Here to Read More

Workplace Inclusion

Work is complex and dependent on the unique characteristic of the person, the environment, and the task(s). Occupational Therapy is a therapeutic process of maximizing a person’s function in their environment using grounded theory in Person-Environment-Occupation scientific models. Click Here to Read More

Ergonomic Assessment (Industrial)

Similar to the Office Ergonomic Assessment but in a service related field or manufacturing area. Click Here to Read More

RSI Prevention Program

Involves a review of an existing Repetitive Strain Injury Prevention Program and recommendations for improvement or a complete development of an RSIP Program tailored to the employers needs. The occupational therapist will provide valuable insight into the areas of injury prevention policies and also rehabilitation using return to work programs. Click Here to Read More

Ergonomic/Inclusive Design

We have in depth knowledge of Universal Design principles to assist the design process to achieve maximal human performance. Click Here To Read More

Back Injury Prevention Seminar

A visual and auditory presentation to a group of employees for the purpose of educating main risk factors of back injury. The seminar usually takes about 1.5 hours and covers spine and musculature anatomy, risk factors, and proper lifting body mechanics. Click Here to Read More

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Good Ergonomics will benefit employees with:

Pain can negatively affect people at work and at home.

Increased job satisfaction is the single biggest indicator for a person remaining at work.

A benefit to both the employee and the employer.

Benefit employers with:

The saying goes, “you think injury prevention is expensive, wait until you have an injury claim!”

Reduced absenteeism translates into better productivity.

High moral leads to high job satisfaction and retention of quality employees. is a health resource with the sole intention of providing quality ergonomic services by an occupational therapist. Ergonomic services provided are, but not limited to, ergonomic assessments, job site analysis, and injury prevention seminars. See a list of services link for a more complete list of ergonomic services.

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